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The interruption to your life, your home, or your company caused by a fire or water damage, or any disaster is something that Total Restoration Now of Dallas is familiar with. We are a highly rated water damage restoration company in Dallas, TX. We aim to minimize the disruption to your life and make it “Like it never even happened” as earliest as possible.

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Total Restoration Now of dallas: Restoring Homes and Lives

At Total Restoration Now of Dallas, we approach restoration as an art form. Our skilled craftsmen bring our expertise and attention to detail to every project, ensuring that the damage caused by disasters is transformed into exquisite beauty. From damaged walls to crumbling structures, we meticulously rebuild and restore each element, paying close attention to every intricate detail. Call us today.

Services We Offer

Water Damage Restoration_ Services

Water Damage Restoration

Our skilled technicians swiftly remove excess water from your property, minimizing further damage and preventing mold growth. Using advanced equipment, we thoroughly dry affected areas, restoring the integrity of your property and preventing potential hazards.

Mold Remediation

Our certified experts conduct thorough assessments to identify mold growth and determine the most effective mold remediation strategy. Utilizing industry-approved techniques, we safely eliminate mold colonies, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for your property.

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Fire Damage Restoration___ Services

Fire Damage Restoration

Our team evaluates the extent of fire damage, providing a comprehensive plan to restore your property to its pre-loss condition. We employ specialized techniques to eliminate smoke residue and odors, ensuring a fresh and habitable space.

Storm and Flood Restoration

We provide immediate assistance during storms and floods, mitigating further damage and securing your property. Our skilled contractors handle all necessary repairs, restoring your property’s integrity and ensuring its safety.

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Disaster Restoration Services

Disaster Restoration

We offer a full range of services to address various disasters, including water damage, fire damage, mold growth, and more. Our team also assists you throughout the insurance claim process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Contents Restoration

We carefully pack and transport your belongings to our secure facility for cleaning, restoration, and storage during the restoration process. We use advanced techniques to clean and restore your items, including furniture, clothing, electronics, and more.

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Leading Water Damage Restoration Company In Dallas, Texas

Total Restoration Now of Dallas is your trusted expert for water damage restoration. Our dedication to utilizing advanced technology distinguishes us in the industry, guaranteeing that each project is managed with maximum efficiency and precision. We are proficient in water mitigation, flood damage cleanup, sewage cleanup, and water damage repair, providing comprehensive solutions for all your restoration requirements.

Advanced Water Mitigation Techniques

At Total Restoration Now of Dallas, we place you, our valued customer, at the forefront of our operations. We are acutely aware of the emotional and logistical hurdles associated with restoration projects, which is why we adopt a customer-focused approach. Regardless of the extent of water removal required or the severity of your water damage, our restoration company is ready and offers 24/7 emergency services.

Expert Flood Damage Cleanup

Floods can wreak significant havoc on your property. Total Restoration Now of Dallas excels in performing flood damage cleanup, effectively restoring your space to its pre-flood state. Our disaster recovery company is thorough in removing standing water, sanitizing affected areas, and strives to save your valuable possessions, all while maintaining the highest industry standards for all property owners.

Comprehensive Water Damage Repair Services

Our water damage repair services are all-encompassing, tackling every facet of restoration when disaster strikes. From water cleanup to structural repairs and mold remediation, we pay attention to every detail to ensure your property is safe, healthy, and restored to its original glory. We also provide meticulous mold removal and inspections. Our expert technicians are committed to repairing and refurbishing damaged areas, bringing them back to their former excellence.

Customer-Focused Restoration Solutions In Dallas, Texas

At Total Restoration Now of Dallas, we recognize the challenges of dealing with water damage. Therefore, we offer customer-focused solutions specifically designed for the unique needs of residents in Dallas, Texas. We work side by side with your insurance company throughout the water damage restoration process. Our team is dedicated to transparent communication, personalized service, and exceptional care throughout the restoration journey.

Your Local Dallas Restoration Partner

As a local business in Dallas, we have a deep understanding of the specific challenges and requirements of our community. We are more than just a service provider; we are your neighbors, committed to supporting Dallas residents through difficult times with dependable and empathetic service.

Choose Total Restoration Now Of Dallas Today

If you’re experiencing water damage in Dallas, Total Restoration Now is your ideal choice. Our blend of cutting-edge technology, expert knowledge, and a customer-centric philosophy positions us as the perfect partner for all your restoration needs. Contact us today to see the impact we can make in restoring your property and peace of mind.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

“Phenomenal service from start to finish! The team at Total Restoration Now of Dallas was extremely professional and knowledgeable. They responded promptly to my emergency call and efficiently minimize the damage caused by a burst pipe.”

– David Michaud

“I cannot recommend Total Restoration Now of Dallas enough! Their mold removal services are top-notch. They quickly and efficiently identified the source of the problem, preventing further spread of mold throughout my home.”

– Cheryl Weaver


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With a compassionate approach and expert project management, we are here to guide you through the restoration journey. We understand the challenges you face and are committed to restoring your home and life with utmost care and professionalism. We are always standing by 24/7 ready to assist you and provide water damage restoration services in Dallas, Texas. Trust us to be your reliable partner as we navigate the restoration process together.

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